Weekly 50% Off Photo – Endless Fes

Title: Endless Fes

Location: Fes, Morocco, Africa

Description: Fes is a lively city in the Northern heart of Morocco. With a population totaling over one million people and seemingly just as many chickens, the city was founded over 1200 years ago and was once the capital of the country. Today the landscape of the city is dotted with laundry lines, satellite dishes and minarets. If you want to test the concentration skill of your children, have them tell you how many of all three of those they can find in this photo.  More on Fes can be found here.

This week’s print will be on sale until noon PDT on Friday the 10th of June. The print is only available in one sizes, 12?x18?, which is a convenient size for finding ready-made frames if you desire.  It will come with an additional signed 1/2? white border if you wish to matte it out in a different sized frame. Shipping (USPS Priority) and Handling anywhere in the USA (only) will be $14 flat fee, no matter how many you purchase. The print normally retails for $110 and will be on sale for just $55 each during this week.

The print will not have the border you see above, nor the watermark. You will receive just the print and 1/2 white border.

All prints will be shipped the week following the close of the sale and you will receive an update when yours hits the post office.  Thank you for your consideration and I hope you enjoy the photo.

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey

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