Weekend Photography Challenge #14: DINNER – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Most of us eat food.

This, I have learned.

I also found out a lot of people like photos of food. But with great power comes great responsibility. I’m not sure where that comes in, but it probably relates to White Balance.

So tonight, just before you chow down on that steak/fish/salad/snail dinner, take a shot.

This week’s topic is DINNER.

The one thing I want you to be sure of when taking this shot, is that your White Balance is set right. This way you can be sure the colors are all accurate and the food is looking as yummy as it can be. It may mean you check your user manual in order to set the white balance with a custom setting. Or it may mean you move outside to use daylight. Which ever your choice, post up your results so we all may drool.

Post your photo by the time I go to sleep on Monday (because there is a Tuesday assignment as well!). Good luck on shooting this weekend!


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