Video Of The Day – Yosemite Hi-Definition Flyover

If you can’t see the video below, you will need to click here to be taken to a web browser version. It’s worth the click!

Title: Yosemite Hi-Definition Flyover

Location: 38,000′ over California, USA, North America

Description: I am loving the compact and powerful Sony RX-100 V camera I recently acquired in order to shoot slow-motion action for a musician’s music video (it can shoot at 1000 frames per second!). Another thing it does well: 4K video.

For those who don’t care, 4K is about 4x the resolution of your typical YouTube video or most of what you see on TV these days. It captures a LOT of detail.

Up until now, I shot video on my Canon 7D Mark II and while it is okay, the large camera and lens combination makes it impractical to use out a plane window on every trip. Not so with the petite and mighty Sony.  It shows the waterfalls, large and small, cliff faces and even lodges of Yosemite Valley.

I suggest watching it on a 4K screen for the biggest impact. But even on your phone, the detail and placid pace of the flight should be enjoyable.

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