Traveling Through Colors: White


It is easy to overload on White when I went looking for images for this post. Clouds, mountains, more clouds and mountains. I wanted to bring something else into the mix and I hope you enjoy this journey around the world.

Continuing with my series to explore the world I have photographed through color, I present to you, the color White.

And if White isn’t your color of choice, there are other colors in the series.

3 Replies to “Traveling Through Colors: White”

  1. Fred Schenkelberg

    Didn’t see any white flowers – I find creating an image of a white flower with the fine details revealed is difficult – as the white often dominates and (there is a word for it) saturates(?).

    What is a good technique to get the white under control such that the fine details appear and the white stays white?



    • Peter West Carey Post author

      To make sure you have all the detail and data your sensor can handle, it is useful to use the histogram with a very white subject. Make sure no clipping has occurred on the light side and then you will be able to recover details in post processing. Also, in regard to exposure, you will need to overexpose the shot if the white subject fills most of your metering area, by about 1-2 stops depending on lighting.


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