This Week’s Guest Photographer Is Lynne Daley

Lynne I like Lynne’s style.  She was gracious enough to answer my multi-headed hydra of an initial email while packing for Italy.  But what first attracted to me, of all things, was her food photography.  As most of you don’t know, I’ve been working on another blog on and off called Help Peter Cook (pssst, it’s on vacation until November when more videos and recipes will be released).  One thing I’ve come to revere in the process of creating that blog are food photographers.  It’s an art I’m still struggling with and was all gushy over Lynne’s initial pictures.   I’ve asked her to include some as this week’s guest photographer, but there are also some awesome travel photos.

1. Explain a bit about who you are and the type of photography that interests you most.

I came to serious photography a bit later in life than most photographers as I was busy with my family, but my camera is my constant companion now. I live in Georgia and shoot mostly food and food related photographs which I publish to my blog, Cafe Lynnylu and  I am a contributing writer for a weekly meal plan at and have recently been accepted as a freelance writer for www.

I am intrigued by artists such as Edward Hopper who was famous for painting anonymous people in city scenes or in ordinary working situations. “Nighthawk” is my favorite painting. I would enjoy photographing similar scenes.

2. If you could have a paid trip for 4 weeks anywhere in the world just to photograph and report back, where would it be?

Patagonia, especially the Terra del Fuego province.

3. Name two of your photography inspirations.

David Loftus, photographer for Jamie Oliver and Edward Weston, whose photo of an ordinary bell pepper is an inspiration to me.

4. What do you hope to convey to others through your photographs

I want my food photography to inspire others to want to prepare the dish I photograph. Regarding the food still life photos, I want to convey that even something as mundane as an egg or a piece of fruit can be a thing of beauty.

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