The Carey Adventures Now On Your Amazon Kindle

kindleFor all you Amazon Kindle owners out there I’m glad to announce The Carey Adventures is now available for download!  While the photo of the day is not in color 🙁 all the other content you have come to love, or at least kinda like, is available through this link.

What’s that?  You don’t have a Kindle reader??  Whoa! You surely need to buy one today!

3 Replies to “The Carey Adventures Now On Your Amazon Kindle”

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  2. Kacheek

    I love my Kindle. It is the greatest invention next to a GPS. My husband and I are readers and purchase books by our favorite authors as soon as they come out. Of course this means we are running out of room in our home, even though we have book shelves everywhere. Now I can have all the books without the issue of storage. It is wonderful! The only thing I would recomend is that anyone buying a Kindle also purchase a cover to make sure the reading surface doesn’t get scratched or damaged in any way. I have mine in a red leather one – really cute and sexy.


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