The Calm Beauty Of Alaska’s Inside Passage In Time-Lapse Video

I had the supreme pleasure of taking not one, but two Un-Cruises with InnerSea Discoveries(ISD) in late July/Early August of 2012. Un-Cruise is ISD’s catch term to point out their ships are smaller and can get you places the big boats can’t go. They also get you a lot closer to wildlife and have the opportunity to loiter when whales may be feeding in front of the boat for hours.

You might have seen some of my previous Photos Of  The Day featuring scenes from these cruises. If not, some of the ones I like best are here, here, here and here. (That last one has an image of the M/V Wilderness Explorer and shows how small the boat is compared to the huge glaciers.)

Below are two quick time-lapse videos I shot from the stern and bow of the Safari Endeavour as we first motored into an area called Fords Terror and turned around to anchor. This who area, known as Endicott Arm, is a steep-sided fjord which isolates travelers from the world beyond. Nothing but water, trees, mountains, rock and glaciers.

The second video is leaving Fords Terror and heading to Dawes Glacier. We had to anchor far away from the glacier and approach in small launches, which is an Alaska experience worth the time and effort to experience. It helps you remember just how massive Mother Nature is and how powerful.

Both video shot with a Canon 7D and Canon EF 10-22mm lens.

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