The Best Shower I’ve Ever Had

As Sean Connery once said, “There can be only one.”  Sure, he was talking about immortals battling through time to find out which of them would earn the prize of becoming mortal.  And then making a number of really bad spin-off movies.

I’m talking about showers.  It’s been two years since my Best Shower Ever and I still lust after it.  Not every day, but once in a while it calls to me. I’ve had a lot of showers I’ve really loved since then, some that meant a lot to me.  Maybe the location was special.  Maybe the pressure was just right.  Or maybe I was so happily grungy dirty and ready for a cleanse that the shower I had right then, no matter where it was, was the perfect shower.  Or so it always seemed.  Only one shower, though, can hold the title.  And it is the shower all are held against.

My Best Shower Ever was in the jungles of Peru.  Sounds romantic already, doesn’t it.  Humidity past 3000%. Tarantulas literally sneaking into my cabana during the day.  Coming back from a river paddle through piranha infested waters and swimming in the same waters (because those piranhas weren’t the mean kind looking for a movie cameo).  Dripping with sweat.  In need of The Best Shower Ever.

It can be found at Inkatera’s Reserva Amazonia Lodge.  I spent eight nights there in 2008 on my own accord, looking for some time to relax and explore.  It’s fancy by jungle lodge standards and was my last great splurge in personal travel expenses.  What’s even better is they upgraded me part way through my trip to the Tambopata Suite.  I went from the standard cabana to this:

Behind that wall is the entire bathing area.  It’s not a bathroom, that’s for sure.  Step around the corner and you encounter the back, walled in, net covered patio with cool soaking pool.

So big, I had to make a stitched panorama of it.  You can imagine my excitement and child-like glee when they told me this would be my home for four of my eight nights.  The pool is about 70F and perfect for a cooling dip after hours of the oppressive swelter of the jungle.  The chairs are comfy and it’s a wonderful place to relax.  Now walk to the back with me, towards those towels (doesn’t matter which one).

Here it is.  My Best Shower Ever. To quote another Hollywood great, “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”  For me it was having all this openness, especially above, while still having complete privacy.  It felt open, free and oh so good.  Also, most of my showers were on the cool side so I would stand for long, long sojourns without the guilt of sucking down hot water.  Although I was afraid at times that I would suck the nearby Rio Madre de Dios dry.  I’m not one to journey to nudest beaches because I “have to be free!!”  and I’m not a showman either.  Yet, being able to shower right under the jungle canopy (just 3′ from the back wall) and let my day-to-day life worries wash down the drain….that’s what made this the Best Shower Ever for me.

Walking back to the living space…

…there is another shower under the cover of the cabana if the open air and walking around naked isn’t your thing and you like ceilings and walls.

I’m heading back to Peru and to the Madre de Dios in November, this time with GAP Adventures.  We have two nights scheduled at one of their river lodges and I’m now very curious what the showers will be like.  I already know the heat will be stifling and the humidity will be <insert your favorite over-used term for really, really high humidity here>.  But the showers?  Can they top the Best Shower Ever?

For those of you out there who have, in fact, bathed, what’s your Best Shower Ever?

3 Replies to “The Best Shower I’ve Ever Had”

  1. Matt

    Looks nice! My Best Shower Ever was in Zion National Park. After a day of hiking around I stumbled upon a hot spring that was gushing from a crack in a canyon wall. Washing the dust off in the middle of the wilderness was true paradise.

      • Matt

        I’ll see if I can dig up a map and locate it again. We had been camping out by Checkerboard Mesa and had followed some slot canyons when I found it. Zion is the only park in Utah I have been too and after seeing some of your photos of Bryce I know I need to head back that way.


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