Photo Of The Day – Corals In The Caribbean

Title: Corals In The Caribbean Location: San Blas Islands, Panama, Central America (9°30’39” N 78°37’10” W) Description: I love the ocean and being beneath the waves. Exploring, seeing all kinds of things we never see above the waves and realizing there is a whole world just below the surface. Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Gliding Along

Title: Gliding Along Location: Barbados, Caribbean Sea Description: A hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) glides above the sea floor off the coast of Barbados. Like the photo? Join the club. Camera Canon 7D Lens Canon EF 10-22mm ISO 200 Focal Length 22mm Aperture f/22 Shutter Speed 1/400 Altitude Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Mobula Rays In Formation

Title: Mobula Rays In Formation Location: Gulf Of California, Baja California Sur, Mexico, North America (24°35’50” N 110°24’12” W) Description: Swimming with mobula rays in the Gulf Of California is an unforgettable experience. The majesty and grace these huge fish demonstrate in their natural environment is humbling and Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Lurking Demon

Title: Lurking Demon Description: This guy (or gal) is not one I would want to meet in the waters without a boat. So many scales and spikes! Location: Costa Rica, Central America Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey This image for sale as a print or may be licensed Continue Reading →