Photo Of The Day – Downtown Banff + 1 More

Title: Downtown Banff Location: Banff, Alberta, Canada, North America (51°10’53” N 115°34’10” W) Description: Just your average shot from downtown Banff in the winter. Bonus Image ——————- Camera Canon 7D Lens Canon 28-300mm L ISO 200 Focal Length 40mm Aperture f/10 Shutter Speed 1/400 Altitude 4537′ Photograph Copyright 2016 Peter West Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Kathmandu Chaos

Title: Kathmandu Chaos Location: Kathamandu, Nepal, Asia ( 27°42’13” N 85°18’50” E) Description: I’m missing Nepal just a little today but not the congestion. This image was shot during a photo tour I led in 2013 from a road overpass. ——————- Camera Canon 7D Lens Canon 28-300mm L Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Streets Of Jaipur

  Title: Streets Of Jaipur Location: Jaipur, India, Asia Description: The crowded streets of Jaipur carry a variety of transports, all mingling to get where they need to go. Shot with a Canon 7D and Canon 28-300mm L lens with settings of ISO 800, 300mm, f/5.6, 1/800th of Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Finally Found It

Title: Finally Found it Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA, North America Description: I finally found the finish line in a neighborhood in Glenwood Springs. The only problem was I found out I was actually walking the wrong way. Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey

Photo Of The Day – Vespa – Jessica Spiegel

Title: Vespa Location: Naples, Italy Description: I was prepared to dislike Naples, but ended up falling in love with it on my first visit. I purposefully limited my exploring to the historic center of the city, and felt like I could have wandered aimlessly in that small area Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Musician, Piazza Navona – Jessica Stewart

Title: Musician, Piazza Navona Location: Rome, Italy Description: M and I took a spin through the Christmas Market in Piazza Navona last night (which is where the photo of the chestnuts came from). I’ll post more photos over the coming days. First up, this musician, who was playing Continue Reading →