Video Of The Day – Reach For The Sun

Just a little fun today with plants, the sun and the time lapse feature of the iPhone. If the video doesn’t show for you, go to It is only 19 seconds long and was a quick experiment after noticing my step-daughter’s plants wanting to soak in the sun. Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Alaska Rainforest Floor

 Title: Alaska Rainforest Floor Location: Bartlett Cove, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA, North America (58°27’26” N  135°51’54” W) Description: Walking the shores of Glacier Bay National Park and getting down low brings into view a whole other world of plants. The canopy and sky overhead are reflected Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree Bark

Title: Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) Tree Bark Location: The Big Island, Hawaii, USA (19°42’27” N  155°56’48” W) Description: What I love about digital photography is it makes the process of memory easier. In this case, I thought the photo represented here was taken in Australia. It’s an eucalyptus Continue Reading →

Traveling Through Colors: Green

Green is a good, all-purpose, calming color and I can use some calm today. Continuing with my series to explore the world I have photographed through color, I present to you, the color Green. Hint: Click on images for much larger versions with shooting information and a slideshow. Continue Reading →

Traveling Through Colors: Orange

I go through phases with my photography and it is especially easy to grab on to a color concept when looking through the images on a recent trip. In this case, orange caught my eye so I started collecting images from the past five years (or so) of Continue Reading →

View On The Forest Floor In An Alaska Rainforest

What’s lurking on the floor of an Alaskan rainforest? Plenty! For my daughter, girlfriend and I, cruising with InnerSea Discoveries in Alaska’s Inside Passage this last summer allowed more than one opportunity to take a small skiff ashore and wander in pristine temperate rainforest. Not only that, I Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Growing Cupid’s Dart and Black-Eyed Susan – Alina Kodatt

Title: Growing :: Cupid’s Dart and Black-Eyed Susan Description: Monday morning my husband and I awoke to some tiny sprouts peeking through the soil. Matt was thrilled, explaining that he has never done this before. I had forgotten how magical it is when seeds, dirt, water, and sunlight Continue Reading →

Peru Adventuring – Lake Sandoval, Wow!

It’s day 5 on Peter’s Peru Adventure.  Day 4’s entry can be found here and all previous entries can be found here.  To get updates sent to you via email, subscribe here. Today’s excursion was a combination of the Lake Sandoval hike and paddle with a side trip Continue Reading →