Traveling Through Colors: Green

Green is a good, all-purpose, calming color and I can use some calm today. Continuing with my series to explore the world I have photographed through color, I present to you, the color Green. Hint: Click on images for much larger versions with shooting information and a slideshow. Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Hyena On The Run

Title: Hyena On The Run Location: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa Description: Scavengers of the Serengeti, hyenas shy from most visitors to the savannah opting instead for an opportune moment to steal a lunch felled by larger predators. Camera Canon 7D Lens Canon 28-300mm L Shutter Speed 1/6 Continue Reading →

31+ Days Of Photography Experiments – Panning Blur

Yesterday’s topic was Sun Stars. Today let’s try something fun, but sometimes frustrating; Panning Blur. First some inspiration and then the experiment. Examples Here’s the experiment you can run: 1) Switch to Manual mode (here’s why). 2) For starters, pick a shutter speed of 1/20. This is a Continue Reading →

Tuesday Assignment #3 – Panning Blur – 31+ Days To Better Photography

This is one test where it might be helpful to actually own a bunny. But barring a bunny, you can use any moving object. If your kids aren’t in school, they will have an assignment today and will be your test monkeys. Pets, cars, speedboat attempting to elude Continue Reading →

Action Blur On Purpose – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: Get Close, Go Wide Today’s topic is one of the easier concepts to understand but one of the hardest to get just right.  Thanks to digital photography though, there is plenty of room to play and practice with this one. Panning blur is simply lowering your Continue Reading →