Photo Of The Day – Corals In The Caribbean

Title: Corals In The Caribbean Location: San Blas Islands, Panama, Central America (9°30’39” N 78°37’10” W) Description: I love the ocean and being beneath the waves. Exploring, seeing all kinds of things we never see above the waves and realizing there is a whole world just below the surface. Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Float Plane Over Southeast Alaskan Islands

Title: Float Plane Over Southeast Alaskan Islands Location: Flying over Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, USA, North America Description: Getting lucky in photography helps, as was the case on my flight from Ketchikan to an assignment with Waterfall Resort in Southweast Alaska. ———————- Camera Canon 5D Lens Canon Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Waterfalls Carving Hawaiian Cliffs

Title: Waterfalls Carving Hawaiian Cliffs Location: Hawai’i, The Big Island, Hawaii, USA Description: Along the North shore of Hawai’i, The Big Island, there appears and endless string of high and beautiful waterfalls carving the volcanic island for eons. With no road to the shore, I was thankful for a Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Pink Flamingo – Greg K Summers

Title: Pink Flamingo Location: Galapagos Islands – Nov 2012 Description: Was fortunate to see about 20 birds that remain full time on this one spot in the Galapagos. It is an abandoned mining area which is home to about 50 flamingos year round. Photograph Copyright Greg K Summers

Touring Hawaii Via Helicopter

Taking off in a helicopter is unlike any commercial airline flight you have ever experienced. As forward thrust is not needed, there is no ‘pinned to your seat’ feeling. Your seat simply starts lifting into the air with what feels like effortless will despite the roar of the Continue Reading →

Top 10 Photos Of 2012

My friend and fellow photographer Jim Goldstein is not only a great photographer, he invites people to share their work through his annual round-up of everyone’s best images from the previous year. I’m not one to participate in many “Best of…” lists, but it’s an honor for me Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Irish Sunset

Title: Irish Sunset Location: Dingle Peninsula, Ireland, Europe Description: Along the Dingle Peninsula of Ireland is a rocky shore where the road simply ends. One warning sign is all you see before the sea starts and land ends. It feels like the end of the world as the Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Channel Islands National Park From 17,000′

  Title: Channel Islands National Park From 17,000′ Location: 17,000′, California Coast, USA, North America Description: Channel Islands National Park is a gorgeous set of islands made even more magnificent from the light of a setting sun. Camera Canon 1Dx Lens Canon EF 28-300mm L Shutter Speed 1/60 Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day Bonus – Kilauea Caldera

Title: Kilauea Caldera Location: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, USA, Pacific Ocean Description: The source of much lava and the reason for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii, the Big Island, Kilauea’s summit and caldera are a stark land. The caldera has a further depression which forms the Continue Reading →

San Juan Wildlife And Scenery

As part of a press tour of Bellingham and Whatcom County in July, I was treated to a San Juan Island excursion with Outer Island Expeditions.  We rode aboard the Triton, one of the fastest whale watching boats in the area, to Sucia Island State Park where we Continue Reading →

An Island In Creation – Visiting The Lava Flows Of Hawai’i With KapohoKine Adventures

LAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVALAVA I could say it all day long!  LAVA is just, pardon the pun, cool to me.  It’s the earth in action in a way that doesn’t, immediately, knock down buildings the way earthquakes do.  What I’m talking about here is the mostly slow moving lava, P?hoehoe.  The Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Waterfalls Of Waipio Valley

Title: Waterfalls of Waipio Valley Location: The Big Island, Hawai’i, USA Description: Falling from pool to pool, these thousand foot tall waterfalls can be seen up and down the Waipio Valley on Hawai’i’s Big Island. Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey Are you interested in purchasing, licensing or using Continue Reading →

Twogood Kayaks Meets Serendipity Off Oahu’s Coast

Serendipity rocks.  In this case, Serendipity rocked with the help of the Mokulua Islands and a media tour provided by Bob Twogood of Twogood Kayaks on Hawai’i’s Oahu Island.  I’m picky about sponsored trips, not wanting to go on a trip just because it’s all inclusive if it’s Continue Reading →

Galiano Island In The Off Season

It’s hard to imagine these beautiful islands ever having an off season.  I’m talking here about the Gulf Islands off of Vancouver, British Columbia .  Lush with evergreen trees and rocky beaches, these emeralds in the sea beckon year round.  Personally, I LOVE the off season for travel Continue Reading →