Photo Of The Day – Iceberg Maker + 5 More

Title: Iceberg Maker Location: Dawes Glacier, Endicott Arm Fjord, Alaska, USA, North America (57°30’9.43″N 132°49’5.15″W) Description: Located along a long arm of a fjord in Alaska, the Dawes Glacier is a beautiful site (as you can see in the Bonus Images below). The images were shot on my last trip with Continue Reading →

31+ Days Of Photography Experiments – Shoot In Mid-Day Sun

You have probably heard of the Golden Hour or the Blue Hour and maybe some other hours. These are the “best times to shoot” according to most photographers, which usually means most landscape photographers. They advise, often strongly, against shooting in mid-day sun. And for the most part, Continue Reading →

31+ Days To Better Photography – An Example Of Why You Might Want To Use A Polarizing Filter At Sunrise In Seattle

While shooting the sunrise on a gorgeous Puget Sound morning yesterday, I was calmly reminded of the usefulness of polarizing filters, shown by extreme differences. Both of these images are completely unedited, straight out of the camera, so you can see the true difference. Without filter: With polarizing Continue Reading →

Learn More Photography (And Blogging) In The Mexico Sunshine This Winter

I’m happy to announce I will be presenting photography tips and tricks at a parenting blogging camp this winter in Puerto Vallarta. My slice is small, but I’m also there as a resource when not presenting. This camp is a far more easy going time than a normal Continue Reading →

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Instruction Now Available

Howdy! I’m happy to announce that I will begin teaching Adobe Photoshop Lightoom on an individual basis this month. While I have some travel plans in the near future (Portland, OR in September) I will be further expanding to offer remote instruction over the Internet in September for Continue Reading →

ISO – 31 Days To Better Photography

Shutter Speed and Aperture. Check! When it comes to the last side of the Exposure Triangle you need to be nice, because it’s sensitive.  ISO is sensitive.  REAL sensitive. As a matter of fact it is the only thing in your camera that handles the sensor’s sensitivity to Continue Reading →