Photo Of The Day – Ice Castle At Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise + 3 More

Title: Ice Castle At Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Location: Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, North America (51°25’3″ N 116°13’6″ W) Description: Back in 2010 British Columbia hosted the Winter Olympics. The fever spread across the land, far and wide, even over to Alberta where the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, situated perfectly Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget The Soap!

Previously I posted my thoughts on extending your holiday by removing soap and shampoo and other toiletries from hotels.  Sure, it’s fine.  The current reasoning is they want you to take it and can’t reuse it, so you might as well bring it back.  Shampoo, conditioner….those things are Continue Reading →

Extend Your Holiday: Steal The Soap (Shampoo, Too!)

That’s right, I said it. Steal the soap. And the shampoo too. Personally, I usually draw the line at the little mending kits, though.  I have enough of those for now. Ok, maybe it’s not stealing. They’ve got their name all over it so they must want you Continue Reading →

Looking For A Quick Olympic Peninsula Getaway?

After coming back from a month in Africa I desired two things: To settle in at home and then to get away from home and decompress.  At the end of the trip and suddenly being by myself after spending 29 days solid with my daughter and a great Continue Reading →