Photo Of The Day – New Camera Experimentation

Title: New Camera Experimentation Location: Los Angeles, California, USA, North America Description: A client requested some video be shot at 500 or 1000 frames per second in at least 1080p (HD) format so I started looking for a suitable camera and lens combination to fit the bill. After a couple Continue Reading →

Win A Stylish f-stop Kenti Mountain Series Camera Bag And Help Passports With Purpose

Thanks to f-stop Gear, I we have yet another camera bag up for grabs with your support of Passports With Purpose. Before I get to how you can help this grassroots organization do good in the world, let me give you the rundown on what’s at stake. The Continue Reading →

31+ Days Of Photography Experiments – Making White, White

Friday’s Topic was Get Low. Today’s experiment might be a little more involved than its previous companion, Making Black, Black. This is because white objects will show color cast from an incorrect white balance better than black. You will need to be on your toes to work your way Continue Reading →

31+ Days Of Photography Experiments – Focus Modes

Yesterday’s Topic: Depth Of Field – Hyperfocal Concepts If you’re not using manual focus, its’ a good idea to become familiar with how your camera decides to focus so the subjects you want are sharp. If you’re in the wrong mode, your camera may be confused about what you Continue Reading →

31+ Days Of Photography Experiments – Depth Of Field – Change Your Distance/Zoom

Yesterday’s Topic: Depth Of Field – Changing Focus Points Over the past two days we have covered how to change your depth of field using different aperture settings and different focus points. Today’s experiment is meant to show how depth of field changes with your distance to the Continue Reading →

31+ Days Of Photography Experiments – ISO Limits Of Your Camera

Welcome to the first post in my series, 31+ Days Of Photography Experiments! Each day’s experiment is meant to help you learn about your camera, about photography or about how you see light and the world around you. Today we are starting things off with a critical piece Continue Reading →

Why You Might Want A Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Filter – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: Photography Travel Gear Recommendations I’m going to let you in on a little secret: filters are still better than most computer programs at balancing a scene. That’s not to say HDR can’t get you close (it can and then some) but if you only want to Continue Reading →

What’s A Good Camera For Me To Buy? – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: Choosing A Lens Posts on the internet about purchasing cameras often list multiple examples in a ‘buyer’s guide’ fashion. But that’s not the question I get asked often. It’s never, “Can you list some options, rank them by price and a number of features I don’t Continue Reading →

How Your Camera Works – 31 Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: The Exposure Triangle Before we dive too deep into other subjects, I thought it best to explaining how your DSLR camera works.  We’ll use this image for reference: Without getting too technical on the number of elements, the types, the exact configuration of the pentaprism and Continue Reading →

How To Hold A Camera – 31 Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: How Your Camera Works This post is best done in video form.  Here ye be! (don’t worry, it’s a quick, painless, two minute video) How To Hold A Camera from Peter West Carey on Vimeo. It’s quick and it’s easy to learn to hold a DSLR Continue Reading →

ISO – 31 Days To Better Photography

Shutter Speed and Aperture. Check! When it comes to the last side of the Exposure Triangle you need to be nice, because it’s sensitive.  ISO is sensitive.  REAL sensitive. As a matter of fact it is the only thing in your camera that handles the sensor’s sensitivity to Continue Reading →

Goodies To Test In Hawaii

  On my recent trip to Mexico I was lucky enough to receive an underwater housing for my camera, lent to me from for the purpose of testing and reviewing.  It’s one part of my writing work that I enjoy; playing with gear that is new to Continue Reading →

How To Handle Cold Weather Photography

Cold weather presents a few unique challenges to digital photographers.  In this post, Peter Carey offers some suggestions to keep you photographing when the mercury drops. When the weather outside turns cold, there are a few precautions every digital photographer should take. First, give your camera time to Continue Reading →