Photo Gallery Of The Day – Nepali Still Life

Title: Nepali Still Life Location: All over Nepal Description: If you can’t see the images, click on the title text above to be taken to the website. Or click here. Various and random images of still life from Nepal. Some small, some large. Photograph Copyright 2017 Peter West Carey. Image Available Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Sky, Trees in Abstraction

Title: Sky, Trees in Abstraction Location: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Malibu, California, USA, North America (34°2’59” N 118°45’12” W) Description: I fear I am back on an abstract photo kick. Maybe I don’t fear it, but I fear for you. 🙂 Camera Canon 7D Mark II Lens Canon 28-300mm L Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Nature’s Fingerprints

Title: Nature’s Fingerprints Location: Saratoga Woods, Whidbey Island, Washington, United States, North America (48°3’20” N 122°27’39” W) Description: Cold temperatures are gripping the Puget Sound, crafting interesting patterns as they freeze the ground and all that is on it. For an even cooler example of what the temperatures can do, Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Looking Up In The Vatican Museum

Title: Looking Up In The Vatican Museum Location: Vatican City, Europe Description: The amount and quality of the artwork in the Vatican amazed me. And I had to remember to keep looking up. ———————- Camera Sony RX-100 Lens 24-70mm ISO 200 Focal Length 8.8mm Aperture f/1.8 Shutter Speed Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Stoned Needle

Title: Stoned Needle Location: Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington, USA, North America, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe Description: Another shot as part of my Improve Your Photography Skills Level 2Workshop on Saturday….that one day the sun was out. In this case, I was further testing out Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Mothers, Don’t Let Your Kids Touch Memorials Or This Will Happen

Title: Sculpture Location: Malaga, Spain Description: Ok, you won’t really be turned to stone if you touch a memorial in Spain.  At least I hope not. Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey Are you interested in purchasing, licensing or using this photo? Contact me!