31+ Days Of Photography Experiments – Depth Of Field – Change Your Distance/Zoom

Yesterday’s Topic: Depth Of Field – Changing Focus Points Over the past two days we have covered how to change your depth of field using different aperture settings and different Continue Reading →

Tuesday Assignment #2 – Adjusting Depth Of Field With Distance – 31+ Days To Better Photography

In the last Tuesday Assignment I introduced a rather simple test to show the difference in depth of field with adjustments made to Aperture. If you tried that assignment, you Continue Reading →

Tuesday Assignment #1 – The Effects Of Aperture Adjustment On Depth Of Field – 31+ Days To Better Photography

As promised, it’s time to add some assignments to the 31+ Days To Better Photography. I’ve been yappering on about how to do things for a while and thought it Continue Reading →

How Your Camera Works – 31 Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: The Exposure Triangle Before we dive too deep into other subjects, I thought it best to explaining how your DSLR camera works.  We’ll use this image for reference: Continue Reading →

Aperture – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: Shutter Speed Part 2 of the Exposure Triangle is Aperture. Aperture affects Depth Of Field. Do you hate math still?  You might hate it more.  Check this out. Continue Reading →

The Exposure Triangle – 31 Days To Better Photography

First, there is The Exposure Triangle. It balances all things. Makes things right in the Universe. Or maybe it is just a handy metaphor. To be honest, the Exposure Triangle, Continue Reading →