I take photos of things I like.  I travel and I write, too.  I also chew gum and walk at the same time, sometimes while taking photos.

I love travel and would prefer to spend my days exploring, photographing and helping inspire others to get off their duff and learn more about the world around them.  For the most part all my travel is paid for by me.  Australia?  Me. Nepal?  Me. Africa?  Me.  Rock Climbing?  Me.  Hawaii?  Not me.  Once in a while in the course of my work (photography, writing, exploring, eating organic chocolate, etc…) I get offers from people or places to come pay a visit.  These trips or stays are usually comped, or paid for.  And I take them if they are something I’m genuinely interested in and would be writing about anyway.   Take a look at this blog and you’ll note that I often write about the places I visit (duh) in an honest and open manner.  That being said, you should know I’m a ‘glass is half full’ type of guy.  I rarely bash anyone or anything, it’s just not worth it.  I often leave out the really bad parts of a trip (such as ripping a hole in my tent on the TBEX Roadtrip) unless they add flavor to the overall story (like the craptastic mega-camping complex and sideshow we encountered where I ripped my tent), otherwise, it just sounds like complaining and whining.  I don’t like listening to complaining or whining and I’m betting you don’t either.  In other words, you’d have to suck pretty bad for me to note it on this blog.

When I visit a place, paid for by me or someone else, I’ll always give my honest opinion of my single person experience.  That’s really all I can do.  I’ll let you know if the trip was paid by someone else in case that’s important to you.  But I have to admit, you probably won’t hear super critical reviews of my activities.  That’s just not the way I live my life and I’m not some professional critic who’s job it is to pick apart everything they come in contact with.  Plus, I’ve been lucky to work with some awesome locations and PR groups.

I’m going to keep traveling, photographing, writing, exploring.  It’s in my blood and what I love most.  And I’ll strive to always be honest in what I write about my experiences in life on this blog, paid for by me or someone else.  That’s the best I can do.  I hope you enjoy it.

This concept applies to affiliate links on my blog as well. If I link to something and it is an affiliate link, it is something I would actually buy myself if I were in the market. I will never get rich off of affiliate links and I never want to.  My opinions on products are crafted from use and research and if we met on the street, I’d give you the same advice in person as I would here, sans the affiliate link. If I suggest a product, it’s because I believe in its value to you, my readers, and not because I might make a few bucks from the link.

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  1. Greg Peat

    I look foreward to the photo of the day but I would love to see the ISO, shutter speed and aperture that you use on each photo as it would be a real benefit for those not as talented as yourself.

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