Photos Of The Day – Eye Like It

Continuing my departure from single image Photo Of The Days, today’s post is about the London Eye.

Before I get started though, let me apologize for yesterday’s post to those who read it in email via my subscription feed. Or who read it on a tablet. It seems the gallery feature I used was not optimal and didn’t show you the pretty pictures fully. Today I’ll go back to the standard single image at a time post so you can see them all.

My family and I went to Europe on a Summer vacation this August and, among other things, loved London. It’s a fun place with kids and we are dang good and being tourists (not the annoying kind, but the kind that go on the touristy stuff as well as not-so-touristy stuff).

As the London Eye is high on the list of ultra-touristy things to do, we hit it the second day in town. But first, we got to see if from a number of different angles as it is so frickin’ huge.

Here then is a non-gallery of images of the Eye, from inside, on land and on the water. Enjoy.

Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082804-0679 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082810-0675 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082831-0658 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082820-0632 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082840-0637 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082827-0633 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082851-0623 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082804-0614 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082818-0626 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082801-0606 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082856-0612 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082737-0605 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082723-0536 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082712-0588 Peter-West-Carey-UnitedKingdom2015-082718-0521

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