Photo Of The Day – New Years Over Spiridon – Pablo Conrad


Title: New Years over Spiridon

Description: Fireworks explode over the Space Needle silhouetting the crosses of St. Spiridon Orthodox Church in Seattle, Wash., in celebration of the New Year

Explanation: Rather than fight the crowds at Kerry Park or at the Seattle Center, and end up with the same looking photos as everyone else, I opted for something different. I know of this church and resulting composition from other times I’ve shot it. So, I headed over to the spot and made a few test exposures to get a good exposure on the Space Needle. The fireworks were just a matter of paying attention to the display and shooting the photograph. Nikon D300s, 80-200 f/2.8 lens. Exposure was 1/6th second at f/22 at ISO 200.

Link to Image:!p=2&n=15

Photograph Copyright Pablo Conrad

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