Photo Of The Day – Nepal Himalaya Panorama Exploration

Another immersion panorama for you today. This one is made from 117 images (39 vertical shots of 3 images to create HDR ‘stacks’). Overall size is 26,194 x 5062 = about 132 megapixels. It’s big and will take a while to load. Be patient, it’s quicker than walking there right now. 🙂 [NOTE: I downsized the image from the original to make it load faster, but the detail is still there. If you want the original file it is here.]

To use this image, simple click and drag to move around. Use your scroll wheel to zoom in and out, or use [Shift] to zoom in and [CTRL] to zoom out.  And if you want to turn things up a notch, right click and choose “Fullscreen”. Have fun!

For the Nepal fans out there, especially those who have trekked to Everest basecamp, you can see the Tengboche Monastery as well as the trail from Phortse (the village on the left shaped kind of like an hour glass) to Pengboche (not visible just around the corner).

[pano file=”” w=”900″ h=”500″]

Title: Nepal Himalaya Panorama Exploration

Location: Mong, Nepal

Shot with a Canon 7D and Canon 28-300mm L lens at 28mm. I shot this with bracketing, meaning I took one shot at the camera’s prescribed exposure, then one shot over-exposed by a stop and one shot under-exposed. I then combined the images in the computer and stitched them together using Kolor’s AutoPano Giga software which handled all the magic.

Photographs Creative Commons Copyright Peter West Carey

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Note: You likely won’t see the image above if you are reading this via email or some RSS viewers. Click the page link to be taken to a full view.

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9 Replies to “Photo Of The Day – Nepal Himalaya Panorama Exploration”

  1. Matt

    Wow! Really incredible Peter. You can really get a feel for how majestic those mountains really are although I’m sure they are even more incredible in person. I took a look at the original and the detail is fantastic.

  2. cpando

    Man, this is a reaaa//aaaly good pic. I love the way you got the sun just peeking over the mountain top. It is definiteliy worth the wait for the hi-res version to load. I just wonder how long did it took you to upload it, considering the upstream speads are normaly much slower as the donwstream ones I can imagine your progress bar stale for some hours.

    By the way the pic is a bit more amazing knowing the work you did to get the job done

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