Photo Of The Day – Maui, Hawaii Panorama Exploration

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Title: Maui, Hawaii Panorama Exploration

Location: Maui, Hawaii, USA

Description: Shot from the Uplands of Maui at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farms, this panorama is .81 gigapixels in size. Zoom in and see if you can spot the plane taking off or surfers on the waves.

This image was shot with a Gigapan EPIC Pro head from and stitched with AutoPano Giga.

The panorama was made with a Canon 7D and 28-300mm L lens. It was composed of 98 images shot in Manual Mode at ISO 100, 135mm, f/9, 1/400. The Gigapan EPIC Pro was lent to me from

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Licensing (email).

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