Photo Of The Day – L.A. And The Moon From Griffith Observatory

Title: L.A. And The Moon From Griffith Observatory

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA, North America

Description: I’ve only been to the observatory twice and each time has had a special treat. The first time, while dating the woman whom I would joyfully marry two years later, was a last minute jaunt just before everything closed, so we were quick to try to see it all.

This time, with my wife and one child, was a little slower and we went for sunset plus a show. There were too many people to feel calm and I had to jostle for locations to take photos. And yet, I enjoyed it all the same.

In this photo there are a couple of things going on. First, the moon is out on the right side and that is what I was framing around. I took a number of portrait orientation shots to capture the scene this way. Second, you can see the shadow of the earth because of the smog and clouds.

West is to the left as this images looks south. The sloping line of light, commonly called the Belt of Venus, shows daylight above and the shadow of Earth below. It’s a pretty neat effect to view from this angle.

Downtown LA is to the left and a few buildings of Santa Monica can be seen to the right.

This image is included in A World of Panoramas digital version, available September 9th, 2014.

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Camera Canon 7D
Lens Canon EF 10-22mm
ISO 200
Focal Length 10mm
Aperture f/7.1
Shutter Speed 1/10
Altitude 1134′

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).

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