Photo Of The Day – I Miss That Truck, Sometimes

Title: I Miss That Truck, Sometimes

Location: Central Eastern Oregon, USA, North America

Description: This is an image of the truck I enjoyed owning the most, one of only 500 Land Rover Defender 110s in the US at the time. When it was working properly I enjoyed it. Which was pretty often (minus a few months when I conned some friends into helping me swap a diesel into it….which lead it to the shop a number of months later for proper finishing). It took me on some great trips with a mix of comfort (rooftop tent, portable toilet, fully equipped camp kitchen with refrigerator) and discomfort (no AC, loud, sometimes drafty, big-ass blindspots, overheight surcharges on the ferry boat).

This trip in particular was memorable as we made our way through Central Oregon with a local cowboy poet in tow. Leon Flick, author of A Cow’s Tail As A Compass, was the real thing, growing up as a farmhand and continuing the tradition as times have changed. He would entertain us around the campfires each night and I’ve never had such a treat. The stories that flowed like water (or beer, in that case) were a mix of history, humor, lies and bravado. He was like a nice version of Curly from City Slickers. As with Curly, Leon is now a memory, having died just last year.

And I am thankful for my time with him on the trails those half dozen days during a hot June in Oregon. He wasn’t some grand teacher who made new worlds open to me, someone I idolize and who helped shape me.

But he was a fun guy to be around and shared his knowledge with us. He showed me a part of the world and a way of living that was foreign to me until then. And for that, I thank him.

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Camera Canon 5D
Lens Canon 28-300mm L
ISO 100
Focal Length 170mm
Aperture f/8
Shutter Speed 1/250
Altitude Unknown

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