Photo Of The Day – Hieroglyphics In Paris

More multiple Photos Of The Day! If you missed yesterday’s and the day before’s, they are here and here.

Family vacation took us to Europe this Summer and all things touristy. They kids are still a little young to truly enjoy hours upon hours in a museum but we managed to spend some time looking at old things. One of their favorite (and most freaked out about)? Actual mummies in London.

At the Louvre in Paris I had some time to myself and went a little crazy in the Egypt section. After ogling the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum, I found I really enjoyed the form and pattern of hieroglyphics and took many a photo while in Paris.

If someone wants to translate these all for me, I can send you the photo of the Rosetta Stone. 🙂 Most of these were found inscribed into the stone of a sarcophagus.

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