Photo Of The Day – Drake Power Plant – Pablo Conrad

Caption: Steam for the Drake Power Plant in Colorado Springs, Colo., rises to engulf the stacks as a waning gibbous moon rises behind.

Explanation: Shot this last spring during a trip to Colorado. The below zero temps really enhanced the steam, the long exposure and small aperture caused the lights on passing vehicles to streak and give a star-effect to the lamps. The white balance was set to cool florescent by accident which made the color contrast pop. Shot in raw (NEF) with my Nikon D300s, 50mm f/1.4 manual, 8 sec @ f/22 at ISO 200.

Link to Image:

Photograph Copyright Pablo Conrad

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2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day – Drake Power Plant – Pablo Conrad

  1. Paul Conrad

    Thank you Andi.

    Came out of a store and saw it. Had to shoot it. The moon was a blessing as it was cloudy then they broke in the east and the rising moon added to the scene.

    Have a great day.



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