Photo Of The Day – After Sunset From 39,000′

Title: After Sunset From 39,000′

Location: Above California, USA, North America

Description: High above the clouds, this image is what happens when you look away from the sunset while in a plane. I fly between Seattle and California weekly and I tend to pick my window seat based on when the sun is setting or rising. Normally I pick the side of the sunset/sunrise because few things are more stunning than watching the sky change colors while looking at the sun from an airplane with stars showing above.

In this case I wanted to get the other view. I know from previous experience, such as this one from Canyonlands National Park, that looking away from the sun just after it has set can provide some dramatic lighting. I was not disappointed on this day in February as snow blanketed the mountains and frozen lakes below.

The next time you are buying airline tickets, give some consideration to which direction you will travel and where the sun will be. It can make for memorable photos.

Camera Canon 7D
Lens Canon 28-300mm L
ISO 200
Focal Length 28mm
Aperture f/3.5
Shutter Speed 1/20
Altitude 39,000′

Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey. Image Available For Commercial Licensing (email).

Image may be reproduced for personal, non-commercial use (details) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Non-Licensed Commercial use is prohibited without consent and attribution to this post must be given, please.

After Sunset From 39,000', California, USA, North America

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