Osprey Nest And Mount Shasta

Description: Hello there!

It’s been a while, huh?

Let me make no promises about posting more.

Frankly, I’ve been not feeling a pull to photography since Nepal and Bhutan. It’s something that’s been simmering for a while.

Part of it is the lack of value people place on photography. It’s not valued for its art these days. It’s a sidekick on a social media post. It’s often over-fantasied and not ‘real’ to my liking. It’s a commodity that people throw around and copy and steal and just don’t care about.

Those feelings have been driving me away from photography.

I started this blog eons ago, in 2005? As a means of documenting my travels. But then photography became my livelihood in 2008 when I started writing and teaching and starting tours. That was a bad and a good time for other reasons too.

But now….now?

Now my livelihood doesn’t need to come from photography. And my priorities have shifted. My daughter is finished with her first round of college and graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Anthropology and I couldn’t be more over the moon happy than I am now.

My time is better spent with and on family.

It doesn’t mean I’m not picking up a camera ever again, but it does mean why and how often and what subjects I photograph will be changing.

With all that said, I will continue with this blog in some form as it has been. I will include pretty and interesting (but not always pretty interesting) photos because I love the art of it or just the chance to communicate something I found new about the world.

I still love sharing and helping others learn.

With all that said, here’s an osprey making a nest in a communication tower.

Location: Sacramento River, California

Photo copyright 2023 Peter West Carey

4 Replies to “Osprey Nest And Mount Shasta”

  1. Fred Schenkelberg

    Hi Peter,

    All the best to you and family – and the pretty and interesting shots yet to enjoy creating.

    Thanks for all the inspiration and teaching you’ve provided me with my journey learning to shot.



  2. Terry-Lynn

    Hey Peter! I have enjoyed your blog and your teachings (that bunny did make learning fun!) Thanks for all your hard work and best wishes for your next stage!

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