Nepal And Photography: Some Useful Articles Part 2

As part of my effort to exceed Far Horizon Photo Tours guests’ expectations, I’ve started a series of emails to help them get ready for our trip (the first one is in Nepal in 2019, if you’re interested)

I’ll post those emails here and on my newsletter as I hope they are helpful to anyone wishing to visit Nepal or Bhutan with an interest in photography.

Part 1 of the series can be found here.

Hello and welcome to another Nepal-related email.

Before I begin, I want to relay some information about the scale in your Welcome Package. I have been using the particular model of scale for over a year, but I never knew just how accurate it was. Was it a pound or two off? Which way?

Last month my Mom came to visit and I had my chance to test the scale. When she went to fly home her bag was hefty so I hooked up the scale and it read 47.7lbs. That’s just 2.3lbs under Alaska Airline’s checked baggage limit. When we got to the airport I eagle-eyed the scale at check-in to find that it read 47.5lbs! It also measured in 1/10th of a pound increments.

Rest assured, your scale is accurate! (mostly 😉 )

Now then on to the reading list!

That’s all for now! Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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