Introducing Search At Hidden Creek Photography


See that thing on this webpage in the upper left corner?  It says “Travel Photographs” and is a doorway into my realm of all things photographic.  The site it takes you to is Hidden Creek Photography where you will find photographs from around the world for sale in a number of print sizes.

I wanted to point out another fine feature of Hidden Creek Photography and that’s the search feature.  If you look on the upper right on any page at HCP you will see the handy Search box.  All of the photos at HCP have been tagged with various keywords describing what’s going on in the scene as well as location.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, take a look at these searches to help get the juices flowing!  Also, if you see an image you like but not in the size you like, be sure to ask and I’ll gladly get you what you need!

And as an added bonus, each search has the ablity to deliver NEW photos via an RSS feed.  Just click on the letters “RSS” in each search results!

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