How I Have Likely Managed To Tick Off Most Camera Gear Manufacturers Who Have Been Good To Me

I have a backlog like I have never had before. It’s a backlog of items to review on various websites, like Digital Photography School and The Phoblographer. I have gear here (and to be sent back) from Tamron, Sekonic, Fotodiox and others. I owe Chris at The Phoblographer three reviews for cool equipment from Canon, Pentax and Sigma.

These review used to be easy for me in the past but as time wears on, I realize just telling people about how something worked for me is droll and lifeless. It has been sucking the life out of me, only a little, but it is also a pain to get going on the writing that needs to be done. I took on the reviews because I thought it would be cool to play with new equipment, but in the end, unless I have a hard and fast assignment for the equipment, it’s actually more of a chore.

It’s all very cool products, too: a wireless trigger for flashes, a light meter better than any I’ve used and Canon’s top of the line camera.

But what good does it do me when I can’t get the story out the door and drag my feet when I need to get it done. Maybe it’s just writers block. Maybe I’m just not into stuff any more.

That being said, I’m holding off on accepting more products to write about unless I have an actual need. And it’s not likely I will have one any time soon. I have bags aplenty (thanks to LowePro and f-stop), I have a working camera that produces great images and I don’t need much more than that.

So if you are a manufacturer and thinking of pitching me your product, hold off. I have enough to write about for the next couple of months.

And to those I have been slow to review, my apologies. It was not my intent to be this far behind.


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