Guest Photographer Submissions For Spring 2013 Now Being Accepted

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to send in your submissions if you would like to have a spot as a guest photographer on The Carey Adventures’ Photo Of The Day feature. It’s simple to enter, just send me an email using the Contact Me form below and let me know why you would like to be a guest photographer. Also include a link to some of your work so I can see what you’re all about.

I’m not necessarily looking for just travel related items. Anything goes (within certain taste limits) and if I think my readers would enjoy it, I will pick you. Once picked (entries must be sent by Friday, February 3rd), I will then need you to answer a few questions for an introduction post and include 8 images to be posted. As there typically are more entries than spots, I will be announcing the winning entries on or about February 10th.

The posts will go up starting in February and I will be featuring 7 different artists through the month of February, March and April. You will also get links back to your work and retain all copyright. I have no interest taking your work, just in exposing it to more eyeballs on the internet. If you have not been a guest photographer on The Carey Adventures in the last two years, you are eligible.

Deadline to send a link to your work for consideration is this Friday, February 1st at 10pm Pacific Time.

2 Replies to “Guest Photographer Submissions For Spring 2013 Now Being Accepted”

  1. Arnab

    I am passionate about photography and traveling.Hence this would be an immense opportunity for me to learn new things and share my knowledge.


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