Guest Photographer – Sacha Blue

This week’s guest photographer is another local, Sacha Blue.  I think I found Sacha while searching for some info on underwater photography advice for my last trip to Hawaii.  She shoots underwater portraiture (as well as weddings and normal, above water stuff), a field I had never heard of before.  This will will be a departure from the normal travel type photos to highlight some of her work, possibly opening your eyes to experimenting with the same techniques.  Her website, Sacha Blue Photography has more contact info and sample of her wonderful work.

1. Explain a bit about who you are and the type of photography that interests you most.

I’m a storyteller at heart and love photographing people in their element and incorporating pieces of their life into the images. I photograph both portraits and weddings and specialize in underwater portraiture.

2. If you could have a paid trip for 4 weeks anywhere in the world, just to photograph and report back, where would it be and why?

That is so hard but the first thing that comes to mind is the Mexican Riviera. I’d love to return and spend more time exploring and photographing the cenotes which just left me in awe when I visited a couple years ago.

3. Name two of your photography inspirations.

I love wandering with a macro lens searching for interesting colors and textures to photograph and find this makes the world come alive and leaves me noticing little details everywhere I go for weeks.
I’m fascinated by really old photographs that give a glimpse into what life was link in other times. Earlier this year I cleaned out my grandfather’s attic and found about a dozen boxes of old family photos – all of which were taken before I was born and many were well over a hundred years old.

4. What do you hope to convey to others through your photography?

I really try to evoke emotion and inspire people to dream about possibilities.

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