Four National Parks In One Day

It’s Tuesday on my Grand Australian Road Trip.  Things of note today include:

  • Woke up freezing my arse off.  This sleeping bag is NOT rated to 0!! 090804-070529-1522
  • Checked out waterfalls.
  • Bump started my van because the battery was dead.  Germans in campground thought it was odd when I came barreling down the small campground with the engine not running.
  • Talked to locals about where to go, what to do.  Two of them mentioned Nimbin.
  • Changed a flat tire for a lass.
  • Bought some peanut butter, bread and pasta. There were only two loaves of bread left in the grocery. Not two types, two LOAVES. 
  • Drank wine from the bottle, a screw top. (Love Australia for that!)
  • Made friends with some birds, until I realized they only wanted me for my toast.
  • Visited four national parks, one in the dark.  Two of them are World Heritage Sites.
  • Got lost a number of times.
  • Crossed into New South Wales (it’s a state in Australia, like driving from Washington into Oregon)
  • Drove through Nimbin three times, not on purpose. Trippy little hippie town with cool shops. 090804-115205-1093
  • Finished off two 16GB memory cards.
  • Fueled up for the first time in Australia. It’s the same as the US, which is good.
  • Stayed on the left side of the road ALL DAY!! Unlike yesterday.
  • Had a double breakfast but after looking at hte bill, won’t be doing that again.
  • Wondered what Sabrina was doing today.
  • Found a campsite in Kyogle (sounds like it’s spelled) which I just found out is near the train tracks.
  • Had trouble buying ice. When I asked, the gent just looked at me. So I repeated it.  And then, feeling like a moron, I decided to act like one and said, “You know, frozen water?” “Ohhh! You mean aaahhwwice!”090804-162227-1617   I was asking for eye-sss.  I need to learn more of this mysterious language.
  • Broke my own rule of driving after dark.
  • But not before witnessing a gorgeous sunset!!
  • Saw at least six kangaroos.  They are much like rabbits that scurry across roads when cars come.

Things to do tomorrow:

  • Bump start the campervan?  Who knows.
  • Get some wifi action and upload stuff, including this post.
  • Copy files to external drive as I’m running out of space!
  • Shower?  Probably not.  Tiffany won’t be reading this until it’s too late for her to change the locks anyway.  Clean Pete leaves, Stinky Pete returns.090804-165029-1197
  • Visit more National Parks.  They’re like gnats around here, I tell ya.
  • Meet more locals, get more local knowledge.
  • Try not to laugh at town names.  But it’s so hard!!
  • Decide to head East to the South Coast (actually, I guess it’s north now that I’m in NSW) or West to the Outback.
  • Maybe check out a winery or two.
  • Keep enjoying life.  Here. There. Everywhere.

4 Replies to “Four National Parks In One Day”

  1. Gudrun

    did you make it to a winery or two? Inquiring minds want to know, especially those still back in the States who might be jealous of someone who gets to drive a camper van around Australia 😉

  2. pwc Post author

    Nope, I didn’t make it to a winery. They were all Thursday-Monday gigs and I was there on a Wednesday. I still have been sampling plenty of wine though and it’s a lot cheaper down here!!

  3. Kelly

    I can’t stop laughing at the…wait let me make sure I spell it right….”aaahhwwice” story. I wonder how they say ice in Wisconsin.

  4. Caitlin

    Sounds like you’re having a great time! Are you heading north or south?

    @Gudrun He’s in northern NSW right now so nowhere near wine country (though he may have come from there – quick progress if so).


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