Video Of The Day – Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area Flying

If you can’t see the videos, click here to be taken to the website. Title: Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area Flying Location:  Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area Nevada, USA, North America Description: Competing with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area for longest title in the National Continue Reading →

The Calm Beauty Of Alaska’s Inside Passage In Time-Lapse Video

I had the supreme pleasure of taking not one, but two Un-Cruises with InnerSea Discoveries(ISD) in late July/Early August of 2012. Un-Cruise is ISD’s catch term to point out their ships are smaller and can get you places the big boats can’t go. They also get you a Continue Reading →

Playing Around With Time Lapse In San Francisco

My last visit to San Francisco afforded me a few moments to shoot some time-lapse videos. These shots are comprised of between 70 and 240 images each and were aided with the help of a tripod and patience. Behind the scenes:  The 747 landing was one of about Continue Reading →

Ants Marching [VIDEO]

These videos have fast moving action, suspense and a cliff-hanger ending! It’s leafcutter ants at work and that’s it. I hung out with these dudettes for a few hours while filming some stop motion video of them in action. It’s simply amazing to me how well organized and Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Ants Marching

Title: Ants Marching Location: Tambopata River, Peru Description: Today’s Photo Of The Day is actually a video made up of 182 individual images. Taken with a Canon 7D and Canon EF 10-22mm lens and Induro PHQ3 tripod head that I’m testing out for review. The images were shot Continue Reading →

How African Lions Hunt – A Guide’s Lesson With Webkinz [VIDEO]

Due to technical difficulties, I haven’t watched much of my own video clips from Africa. The difficulties have been remedied and now all 200 clips are available to be edited into pretty 3 minute length films for your viewing pleasure. While I get working on those videos, here’s Continue Reading →

First Impression: LowePro Pro Roller x200 Camera Bag [VIDEO]

LowePro sent me a roller bag. Why? (beside the fact that I am reviewing it for Digital Photography School) Because I asked for it. Yes, me, the guy who thinks people look goofy, and are probably straining their arms, dragging bags behind them. Real men carry their bags! Continue Reading →

First Impression: LowePro SlingShot 302 AW Camera Bag

LowePro sent me a SlingShot 302 AW camera bag to review on Digital Photography School, where I post regularly. Before I get the full review up there, I wanted to record my quick first impressions after taking the bag on two miles of a four mile beach hike. Continue Reading →

Riveria Maya’s Xplor Waterpark And Ziplines

Xplor is a waterpark with a zipline problem. It had a chance to be super campy. Xplor. Even the name seemed a bit over the top. Yet Xplor turns out to be a lot of fun. The park is a newer addition to the Riviera Maya coast of Continue Reading →

How To Hold A Camera – 31 Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: How Your Camera Works This post is best done in video form.  Here ye be! (don’t worry, it’s a quick, painless, two minute video) How To Hold A Camera from Peter West Carey on Vimeo. It’s quick and it’s easy to learn to hold a DSLR Continue Reading →

Time Lapse – Mountain Rainier and Seattle At Sunrise

I still have a lot to learn about time lapse shooting. Right now it’s just a fun gadget and I already know a few things I can to improve. But on a spur of the moment idea, here is a shot of the sun bathing Mount Rainier and Continue Reading →

Yes, There Is A Winery On Maui!

I’m not a heavy wine drinker (any more) but I do like to taste when I travel.  Imagine my surprise when, on a press trip to Maui, we were told there was a vineyard upcountry.  After checking out Haleakala National Park, John Jerney and I took a side Continue Reading →

Sunrise At Haleakala National Park, Maui

Looking back, 2am was a ridiculous start time. But that’s what the itinerary said, “2am – wake and drive to Haleakala for sunrise”. I dare not argue with an itinerary. And so it was that writer John Jerney and I piled into my (as of yet undamaged) Budget Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget The Soap!

Previously I posted my thoughts on extending your holiday by removing soap and shampoo and other toiletries from hotels.  Sure, it’s fine.  The current reasoning is they want you to take it and can’t reuse it, so you might as well bring it back.  Shampoo, conditioner….those things are Continue Reading →

Playing In The Waters Of Mexico

Sabrina and I had a great time in Mexico earlier this month, playing in the waves, the cenotes and Xplor, the ziplinning, water splashing, cave exploring fun park that it was. Here’s a quick video that shows the waterborne fun to be had. Having Fun In The Waters Continue Reading →

Time Lapse Video Of Morning In Kyajo Ri Valley Of The Nepal Himalayas


This quick one minute slide show was shot during our last morning in the valley at the end of an attempt on 20,290′ Kyajo Ri in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, about 26 miles as the crow flies from Mt. Everest.  Most of our mornings were like this, clear before the sun came up with clouds down the valley.  Once the sun dropped its rays into our valley things warmed up and more clouds formed.  Sometimes it snowed, sometimes it hailed and some days were just flat out sunny.

At an altitude of 4500m (14,500′), this is the lower of the three valleys on the way to Kyajo Ri.  The second is  500m higher and the last is another 400m, containing the bulk of the Kyajo Glacier which must be crossed on the way to the summit.  Looking down the valley in the video you can see the lower flanks of the sacred Sherpa peak Khumbi Yul Lha (spelled differently on each map, it seems).  The water in this area is clean enough to be drank straight from the stream, although only one member of our team was brave enough to do this.

Click on the map for a full size image of the valley. The pen indicates where we were camped.

Morning Comes To The Kyajo Ri Valley from Peter West Carey on Vimeo.

How To Use A Glidecam 4000 Pro To Better Terrorize Your Children

  Yes, that snappy title is meant to grab your attention.  No, I don’t actually terrorize my daughter.  Well, not ALL the time.  But she does like putting things together and helped me with a recent purchase that showed up on Tuesday.  Then she was nice enough to Continue Reading →

Vertical World Summer Slam Competition And Party

Vertical World Seattle is having their annual Summer Slam climbing competition on the 22nd of July.  I loved shooting the competition and party last year with the help of climbing partner Adrienne as my belay slave.  The competition is open to all and is a friendly, family safe Continue Reading →

Getting Started On A British Columbia RV Road Trip [VIDEO]

As previously mentioned, Kelly, Pam and I are road tripping through the islands of British Columbia, or fine neighbors to our North.  Replacing words today is our introduction video, edited by Kelly. It’s jazzy, it’s hip and it features a Dutchman named Bob. We start our journey at Continue Reading →