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Bomb Threat On Washington State Ferry Cathlamet, Or, How A Possible Stoner Made My Daughter Late For School

It’s not as if the Washington Ferries run like clockwork. They try to. And the Mukilteo-Clinton run I was waiting for happens to have the best on-time performance in the fleet. So my curiosity was piqued when, at the normal time of seven minutes until departure, the ferry wasn’t loading. A big truck blocked my […]

The Semi Non-Unofficial Preparation Guide To Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) 2011 In Vancouver, Canada

It’s almost here! By almost, I mean less than two months away. TBEX. An annual (and then some) gathering of travel bloggers, marketers, PR folks and other travel industry hooligans with the sole purpose of having a number of parties. No, I mean. It’s a time to bond, to learn, to grow, to hope Gary […]


Fun With Fonts – Your Opinion Desired!

It comes up from time to time.  ‘It’ is someone complaining that I use Papyrus for a font on watermarks.  And it’s usually visceral and out of place.  I actually had an email conversation with someone once who commented on my use of the font and as is often the case, people are more sane […]

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