Kids In The City – Expedia’s Useful Tips For Family Travel This Summer

I love planning. I don’t like random email pitches from PR or product companies. Today the two worlds collide. That’s because Expedia pitched me something I ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT AND WILL USE! It doesn’t happen often. It’s their Kids In The City program and you might be able Continue Reading →

Dealing With Loud Kids On Airplanes – Some Tips You Might Not Like

Throughout the 4+ hour flight from LAX to Miami the two year old in seat 34E barely stopped letting the plane know her disgust. She didn’t have her own seat and was sitting on one parent’s lap or another. It’s not for lack of the parents trying that Continue Reading →

Grab Yourself A Star Chart Before Your Next Trip

Before you head out on your next gallivanting journey into the unknown world outside your borders, or even if you are heading off on a road trip vacation, do you and your family a favor; buy a star chart. A star chart is just as it sounds, a Continue Reading →

For Kids Only: 5 Reason You Will Want To Travel To Distant Countries And 3 Tips To Trick Your Parents Into Taking You For Free – No Parents Allowed

Ok, Parents (and I say that with all respect, note the capital P) it’s time to hand the iPad/Laptop/Computer screen over to your kids for a bit. This post isn’t for you, it’s for them. Pssst, Kids. Are your parents gone? Look behind you, again.  We’re safe? Ok Continue Reading →

Do what you love…..and share it with your child

“I LOVE offroad driving, Daddy!” These words, spoken by my then three year old daughter, were the sweetest thing I could hear at that moment. That moment was the first time we were turning off the pavement for a three day weekend of off-highway camping in central Washington Continue Reading →

Taking A Break From School To Learn About The World

There’s no wrong time of year to pull your children out of school and offer them the education of a lifetime in the heart of Africa. Continue Reading →

Sabrina’s First Snorkel In Mexico And Overcoming Fears

Sabrina was very excited to go snorkeling in Mexico last month.  I was happy too, because I was worried her swimming ability would hold her back.  (she’s comfortable in the water, but not solid confident yet)  We rode a catamaran out into the shallows around the Riviera Maya Continue Reading →

Extend Your Holiday: Steal The Soap (Shampoo, Too!)

That’s right, I said it. Steal the soap. And the shampoo too. Personally, I usually draw the line at the little mending kits, though.  I have enough of those for now. Ok, maybe it’s not stealing. They’ve got their name all over it so they must want you Continue Reading →

I Forgot To Tell My Daughter There Will Be Cats In Morocco

Planning a trip with my daughter in mind always changes my perspective before a trip.  And that is the case with the upcoming trip to Africa as part of the People, Places and Patterns Project (  This project actually branched off the original plan for my daughter and Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Sale At Hidden Creek Photo

Starting today and lasting until Mother’s Day, Hidden Creek Photography is offering 30% off all print and merchandise purchases!  Prices on the site already reflect the 30% discount (this does not apply to wedding or event photographs, sorry).  Just follow this link to start shopping! Inventory will Continue Reading →