2015 Calendars Are Ready!

I’m happy to announce this year I am releasing not one, not two, but seven different 2015 wall calendars! And because of price drops, all calendars are just $15 (+S&H). The subjects of each calendar are : US National Parks Sunrise & Sunset Himalayas in Color Himalayas in Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Four Hay Rolls

Title: Four Hay Rolls Location: South Dakota, USA, North America Description: Somewhere in South Dakota, on the way to the Crazy Horse Monument and Mount Rushmore, is a field like just about every other hay field in the States. The simplicity and timelessness are what drew me in. Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – South Dakota Cloud Burst

Title: South Dakota Cloud Burst Location: South Dakota, USA, North America Description: Living the Pacific Northwest most of my life, this was one of my first experiences with the visual beauty of a cloud burst. The drama is obvious and can be bumped up a little with editing Continue Reading →

An Easy Path To Great Landscape Photos – Visit A National Park


Time after time when I view my own photos and gravitate to what I enjoy the most, 70% of those images are shot in a national park some place on this planet (with UNESCO World Heritage Sites coming in a near the top as well). It’s no coincidence that they are also one of the places I like most to visit.

If you are starting out in landscape photography and struggling to find subject matter, consider finding a nearby national park. And this goes for those of you outside the USA as well. In Australia they are all over the place while other countries might have a scarcity, but they are almost always worth the travel.

Sure, ‘everyone’ has been there before you, but if you are looking for experience and almost surefire shooting material, what better place to practice. After all, for all of us, every shot is practice for the future. Every shot hopefully teaches us something or helps us appreciate light and nature in some way. National parks will help you soak up that experience while helping you improve you skills.

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Mount Rainier And Reflection Lakes At Sunrise, Mt. Rainier Natio


Photo Of The Day – Cloud Shadows Over Badlands National Park

Title: Cloud Shadows Over Badlands National Park Location: Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA, North America (43°44’42” N 102°29’25” W) Description: We didn’t spend much time in Badlands National Park, but you should. Hell, I should too. I want to go back but it always seems so far Continue Reading →

2013 US National Parks Calendar Now Available

Would you like to discover a new National Park each and every month next year? For 2013 I am offering a 12 month Majestic US National Parks calendar perfect for your office, garage or outhouse. Each month offers 2 – 5 images from parks throughout the USA, including: Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – Entry To Mount Rushmore

Title: Entry To Mount Rushmore Location: Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota, USA, North America Photograph Copyright Peter West Carey This image for sale as a print or may be licensed for use Photo Tours To Nepal, Bhutan and Italy now scheduling for Fall of 2011!  More Information. Continue Reading →