Photo Of The Day – Portraits At The Golden Temple

Title: Portraits At The Golden Temple Location: Amritsar, Punjab, India, Asia Description:  Sikhism’s most holy temple, known as Sri Harmandir Sahib or colloquially as the Golden Temple, is a very inviting Continue Reading →

Traveling Through Colors: Red


It’s Sunday and I am seeing Red.

It’s a hot color that stirs the blood (also Red) and leads to excitement in most. There’s not a single calming thing from this post about traveling the world, seeing Red. Except for the Spanish guy with the umbrella, he looks pretty relaxed.

And if Red isn’t your color of choice, there are other colors in the series.

2015 Calendars Are Ready!

I’m happy to announce this year I am releasing not one, not two, but seven different 2015 wall calendars! And because of price drops, all calendars are just $15 (+S&H). Continue Reading →

Photo Of The Day – On The Dais At The Taj Mahal

   Title: On The Dais At The Taj Mahal Location: Agra, India, Asia (27°10’28” N  78°2’33” E) Description: A close up the Taj Mahal from the dais surrounding the main Continue Reading →

What It’s Like To Stand There – Destination: Taj Mahal

Welcome to Part 1 in a new series at The Carey Adventures, What It’s Like To Stand There. This series will be a group of irregular posts highlighting what is Continue Reading →

Faces Of Amritsar


I found Amritsar to be one of the more friendly areas I have visited in India. Most of these images are taken around the Golden Temple and include some ‘behind the scenes’ shots in the kitchens during Baisakhi.

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Photo Of The Day – Sun Through The Minaret, Taj Mahal

Title: Sun Through The Minaret, Taj Mahal Location: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia (27°10’31” N  78°2’28” E) Description:  We’ve all seen the classic view of the Taj Mahal from the reflecting Continue Reading →

Traveling Through Colors: Green

Green is a good, all-purpose, calming color and I can use some calm today. Continuing with my series to explore the world I have photographed through color, I present to Continue Reading →

Traveling Through Colors: Blue

There are beautiful blue skies in California today and maybe that’s why so many of the images in this post are of the gorgeous skies contained therein. Whatever the case, Continue Reading →