One Of The Biggest Differences Between An iPhone Camera And A ‘Regular’ Camera – 31+ Days To Better Photography

There is a fundamental difference between the camera imbedded in an iPhone and a ‘regular’ DSLR or point and shoot camera. That difference can be boiled down to this: iPhones Continue Reading →

31+ Days To Better Photography – An Example Of Why You Might Want To Use A Polarizing Filter At Sunrise In Seattle

While shooting the sunrise on a gorgeous Puget Sound morning yesterday, I was calmly reminded of the usefulness of polarizing filters, shown by extreme differences. Both of these images are Continue Reading →

Tuesday Assignment #3 – Panning Blur – 31+ Days To Better Photography

This is one test where it might be helpful to actually own a bunny. But barring a bunny, you can use any moving object. If your kids aren’t in school, Continue Reading →

A Rule Of Thumb To Help Stop Photo Blur – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: Quick Exposure Adjustments Short and to the point, to help stop blur in a photo because you are moving the camera too much, use this formula: This simple Continue Reading →

Tuesday Assignment #2 – Adjusting Depth Of Field With Distance – 31+ Days To Better Photography

In the last Tuesday Assignment I introduced a rather simple test to show the difference in depth of field with adjustments made to Aperture. If you tried that assignment, you Continue Reading →

Why You Might Want A Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Filter – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: Photography Travel Gear Recommendations I’m going to let you in on a little secret: filters are still better than most computer programs at balancing a scene. That’s not Continue Reading →

Tuesday Assignment #1 – The Effects Of Aperture Adjustment On Depth Of Field – 31+ Days To Better Photography

As promised, it’s time to add some assignments to the 31+ Days To Better Photography. I’ve been yappering on about how to do things for a while and thought it Continue Reading →

The Difference A Tilt-Shift Lens Can Make – 31+ Days To Better Photography

Yesterday’s Topic: Traveling With Photography Gear I’m working on a piece for Digital Photography School about tilt-shift lenses, among other things. In doing some playing…errr…research today I found a good Continue Reading →

What’s The Best Camera Lens For My Trip To <Fill In Blank> – 31 Days To Better Photography

Undoubtedly one of the best aspects of traveling abroad is bringing back wonderful photos to share with family and friends (or sharing them while on the road!). As a professional Continue Reading →