Audubon Bird Songs On Your Amazon Echo/Alexa

You might have noticed an uptick on this site in regard to postings about birds. I’ve not hidden my recent fondness for all things avian because, quite frankly, birds are awesome. Some of your agree. Some of you think I’m a nut job.

Whatever your thoughts on my sanity, it’s hard to deny the awesomeness of the latest skill for Amazon Echo products: Audubon Bird Songs. With over 600 North American birds in its library (there are just shy of 1000 different species in North America) of songs, and over 2000 different songs, this skill makes giddy with excitement to try it.

It seems the skill has been around since last summer, when I got into birding after a particular UnCruise trip to Panama on an ornithology themed cruise. So I’m a little slow, but still excited.

I think it’ll be a great use of an Amazon Echo and perfect for kids and adults to learn more about the world of birds. Pair this app with a coffee table reference, like Sibley’s guidebooks, to help you identify and listen to the many birds outside your window.

Do you have any other bird app or skill you find highly useful? I already use Merlin and eBird extensively.

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