An Island In Creation – Visiting The Lava Flows Of Hawai’i With KapohoKine Adventures


I could say it all day long!  LAVA is just, pardon the pun, cool to me.  It’s the earth in action in a way that doesn’t, immediately, knock down buildings the way earthquakes do.  What I’m talking about here is the mostly slow moving lava, P?hoehoe.  The stuff is amazing in its formations when cooled and I could spend months on the Big Island of Hawai’i wandering Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

KapohoKine Adventures was kind enough to roll me out to the lava fields of Kilauea, home of the Fire God Pele, where the heat of the island meets the (relative) cool of the ocean and the island continues to grow.  Emma was my guide and an awesome gal with whom to spend the evening.  A native Hawai’ian, she had folk lore, modern stories and geology oozing out her pores.  Not only that, she was earnestly interested in what she was talking about and had a love for the land.  This was a press trip and KapohoKine gave me my own guide.  I know, a bit spoiled, but I did take time to peek in the other vans and Excursions the company ran and all are well appointed, clean and quite nice.  I also mingled with the other groups when we showed up for dinner at Puna Girl Farms on our way to the LAVA.  Ok, it doesn’t always need to be capitalized, sorry.  The food at the farm was fresh and wonderful, with plenty to offer the carnivores or herbivores in attendance.  And the chocolate covered macadamias (grown on the farm) for dessert were scrumptious to the point of me having thirds. Maybe fourths.  They wouldn’t cut me off, what was I to do?

I’m going to drop the words for now and show you some of the cool, and not so cool, lava.  If you’re wondering what those beehive shapes are in the lava, they were created when pineapples fell into the cooling lava and left their imprint.  The shots near the end are of a flow moving towards the parking area, burning down foliage, while the big burst of steam comes from lava finally meeting the ocean.  The very last shot is taken from a quarter of a mile away as more lava breaks free from the flow to create its own path to water.  Awesome stuff.  I love lava, did I mention that?

Family-on-lava-flows Golden Hawaiian Sunsetpineapples-burnt-by-lava

lava-patternsmore-lava-patterns red-lava-black-lava rope-lava-patterns black-sand-in-my-hand Fishing Big Waves flows-from-kilauea-volcano lava-burning-foliage lava-and-the-moon lava-entering-the-sea

Was this part of a press trip?  Yup, sponsored by the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau.  Is Hawai’i awesome with or without a press trip?  Hell yeah.  It’s got LAVA!!!  And if you’re looking for other fun activities in Hawai’i, has a passel.

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  1. Gary

    Aloha Peter! Great pics! We loved having you join us for the evening! Czn Emma is amazing and we are very lucky to have her on our team! Anytime you on the Big Island look us up. We would love to show you more of our little corner of paradise! Mahalo Gary!


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