Aerial Footage That Sold In Quarter 1 Of 2021

For those curious about flying drones and making money…..I’m not fully onboard with releasing actual sales figures. BUT!! I will tell you what has sold in the first three months of 2021.

I list my aerial footage, both from drones and from commercial airliners, on (as well as my aerial panoramas). It’s a great place if you are looking to get your drone footage out there.

For the three months I had 15 sales of aerial (and some non-aerial) of which, one clip sold three times and another sold twice.

There was a lot of stuff from Los Angeles which is nice, because that is what I shot a lot this past year.

Right now I have over 2500 clips and panoramas on, up from about 1100 in September. It’s been a busy eight months and sales are starting to pick up.

You can see a video of the clips here:

Stuff used in the making of these clips (affiliate links):