Additional Summer Plans – Mexico, Dominican Republic and Concrete, WA!

hawaii-779102338_PacQ8-M Since my last post on Summer Plans just two weeks ago, some new and exciting additions have been, uhhhh….added!  A couple of press trips to sunny locations (even though the weather around Seattle is really trying to make up for most of June) and some rock climbing.

  • June and Twitter saw the creation of the Fun-Filled Summer Of Gelato Craziness!  One night for each month of Summer (June, July, August and September, for those in the Southern Hemisphere) random people I know from the internet will be meeting up for gelato in Ballard.  If you’re in the area, come on down and join us!
  • July just got turned upside down.  First, I’ve been invited on a blogger press trip to the Dominican Republic at the beginning of the month.  I’m not sure who’s going, but I know Pam from Nerds Eye View, one of my frequent travel writing compadres, will be there so I know it’ll be a lot of fun.  It’s a super short trip but it’s an area I’ve never been.  I’m hoping to get in some diving so if anyone knows of a great place to rent a waterproof case for my camera, let me know!
  • Unfortunately, the Dominican Republic trip meant I had to bag out of Fort Flagler, which I was looking forward to for a number of reason.
  • July will also see Sabrina and I head to Baker River Dam in Northern Washington. It’s a free tour given by Puget Sound Energy and sounds like a fun, educational time.  Plus the annual Concrete Fly-In is happening the same weekend, so we can check out some planes and helicopters and BBQ fare.  If you want to join us, email me.
  • Rock climbing!!  August is a quick trip to Boulder, CO to meetup with some other rock climbing nuts (that’s climbing humor, really) all organized over the Internet.  Have I met these other folks?  Well, no (except one).  But I’m almost sure they’re probably fine.  Right?  The last tweetup in Red Rocks was a ton of fun with lots of good routes and much laughter.
  • And lastly, in the month of September Sabrina and I are invited down to Mexico by the people who run PR for Riviera Maya. Riviera Maya is that length of coast on the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean side.  Yeah, I had to look it up too.  It’s a family orientated trip and you know you’ll be seeing the photos here during and after the trip.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of the Mayan ruins and cenotes.  I also hope to get in a SCUBA dive or two and take Sabrina snorkeling.

I still have to do jury duty though (and kinda look forward to it, except that it cuts into summer time with my daughter).  I’m also planning a number of other slide shows like this one for the People, Places & Patterns Project.  If you’d like to see the slides show come to a school or comunity group near you, please email me.

On my big wish list for the 365 days: Antarctica, Iceland, Galapagos, Cambodia to see the school Passports With Purpose helped build, Scotland for the Adventure World Travel Summit, Patagonia and Hawaii again.

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