Hello And Welcome To The Carey Adventures! My name is Peter Carey and I’m the primary writer here at the blog.

This site started out of my initial desire to share trips with family and friends.  I started putting serious effort into the blog after quitting my day job as a senior systems administrator for an internet company in downtown Seattle, Washington.  Since that time, I’ve given the blog a bit more focus as described in this post.  I’ll be focus on what I’m most passionate about which includes; personal family travel journalling, photography, technology and travel in general.

My passion for photography started soon after graduating from high school.  My first credit card was responsible for purchasing my first camera (and I actually paid the credit card bill in full that month!), a Minolta X700.  I then proceeded to teach myself how to use the camera and take interesting photos.  Except for attending a community college at age 19 and taking three introductory photography classes, my love for photography has dictated my learning pace.  Sometime I devote large amounts of time to a particular subject such as my current wonderment with panoramas and sometimes the camera is known to sit for weeks on end, begging to be used.

Since those early days I’ve grown to appreciate travel both near and far with a never ending sense to explore and learn.  I love learning, especially about the world and people around me.  This has lead me to locations such as Ireland, Nepal and Peru just to name a few.  Backcountry travel has also been paramount in my adventuring around the mountains and woods of the Cascade Mountains in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.  I also have an spot in my heart reserved for the wilds of Utah’s sandstone marvels in and around Canyonlands National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and many other out of the way places in the state.

If you take a look around the site you’ll notice a number of travelogues.  I enjoy relating my travels in a way that I hope inspires people to get out and see the world around them.  I also hope that my photography can inspire others to get involved with different people, locations, ideas and points of view.  I host a Photo of the Day feed on this site to get my own creative juices flowing by forcing me to post a new photo each day.  The subscriber base for that feed continues to grow daily and I hope that in some way the images serve a purpose to both inspire (yes, I use that word a lot :) ) and educate those viewing them.

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to drop me a line if you find something on this site helpful or are looking for more particular content.  And if you like what you see, take a moment to subscribe to the blog with one of the handy links below!

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