A Day Trekking In Nepal

Rhodies-590x393 Namaste!  I’ve started writing more about my time in Nepal this last April and May and one of the first places to highlight that writing is Avid Trips.  The blog effort is a new offshoot from the travel booking business and a great place, showcasing great travel writing (yeah, a bit of horn tooting there).

My first post for them is entitled At Home In The Himalayas and chronicles my surprise at finding a rhododendron forest so high up in the mountains.  Rhododendrons are all over the forests of the Pacific Northwest USA, where I live.  They are regularly  used as ornamental plants in gardens are come in a number of varieties.  They typically grow in shadier areas, under evergreen canopies of cedar and fir trees.  So I wasn’t ready to find a rhody forest in full bloom out in the open on my last trip.  I had seen the hillsides covered with them on a past trip, but to see the color covering the hills, was something special.

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