Playing Around With Time Lapse In San Francisco

My last visit to San Francisco afforded me a few moments to shoot some time-lapse videos. These shots are comprised of between 70 and 240 images each and were aided with the help of a tripod and patience. Behind the scenes:  The 747 landing was one of about 30 landings and take offs I shot, crowding two 32GB cards with small images (but big enough for HD video). The images were shot with a Canon 7D and either a Canon 28-300mm L lens or a Canon 10-22mm EF lens.  Filtering through all of those images was worth finding the jet landing concept that I want to try again some time soon.

I am shooting time-lapse on almost every trip I take at this point. It’s an enjoyable, different way to represent a location. I will be stringing these images and video through my presentations with the People, Places & Patterns Project and more will be presented on this blog as well.  Enjoy!

And as a bonus, a video I shot last week at from the roof of Velas Vallarta with a GoPro Hero 2 thanks to

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