Photo Of The Day – Volubilis, Morocco Panorama Exploration

Stitched Panorama

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Title: Volubilis, Morocco Panorama Exploration

Location: Volubilis, Morocco, Africa

Description: The ancient Roman ruins at Volubilis were reconstructed in the early 1900s thanks to the French government. Today it is an enjoyable day trip from Fes. It is situated close to Moulay Idriss (click link for a panorama of Moulay Idriss),  which can be seen when zooming into the image on the right side, beneath the pelican roosts.

Photographs Creative Commons Copyright Peter West Carey

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2 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day – Volubilis, Morocco Panorama Exploration

  1. This is a really nice pic, I don’t recall seen a panorama with a foreground object so “close” and I like the idea.

    I would had imagined much more (and very ugly) distortion on the ruins, did you corrected that on post?

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